About us


Silversmiths and Platers is a family company based at Birkdale on Brisbane’s Bayside specialising in the repair and restoration of Antique Metalwares, undertaking jobs as diverse as replating teaspoons to restoring brass beds.

As F.J.Mole, the company commenced manufacturing silver objects and Churchwares in Brisbane in 1913, and continues as a leading supplier of Churchwares. Kevin Eager commenced his apprentiship with F.J.Mole in 1962, and is still here today providing a continuous link to the knowledge gained in over 90 years of trading.

After the decline in the manufacture of Churchwares in the 1960’s the business began to focus on the restoration of Antique Metalwares. In the 1990’s it was decided to launch the name Silversmiths and Platers, a name that would be more meaningful to the general public who were not familiar with the rich heritage of F.J.Mole.

Manufactured wares are still marked with the F.J.Mole marks, and many people within the Church sector continue to know us as F.J.Mole.

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