In 1913 Frederick Joseph Mole commenced working as a Silversmith in Brisbane, having emigrated to Australia from the United Kingdom.

By the 1920’s F.J.Mole became a name synonymous with the design and manufacture of both Silver and Brass items for Churches. Over the years the majority of Queensland Churches have used F.J.Mole items.

Today we carry on the tradition, manufacturing to our documented designs, using the tooling accumulated in over 90 years of manufacture.

We also provide an expert restoration service. Kevin Eager, our Silversmith, commenced with F.J. Mole in 1962, and at some time or another has made everything in our catalogue.

We can make or restore:- Chalices, Patens, Candlesticks, Candelabra, Ciboriums, Thirubles, Tabernacles, and all other Church Metalware

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